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Year 10 English
The Story of Tom Brennan
Complete all tasks in well constructed sentences.
During reading the book:
What is a prologue? Why do some writers use a prologue?
A separate introductory section of a literary or musical work. Chapter 1 - 5:
How do Tom and Kylie feel about having to relocate their lives to their grandmother’s home and the new town of Coghill? Tom and Kylie don’t have a positive response to moving in with there grandmother due to the fact that they were part of a good small town community originally. List the immediate members of Tom Brennan’s family.

His sister Kylie and his uncle Brendan.
What is Australia Day and why do we celebrate Australia Day? When Captain Arthur Phillip landed at sydney harbour, 26th of January. What is The Wattle Shield?
The Wattle shield is the trophy won at the end of the ruby season in the local competition. How many people live in Coghill? What is the town like?
Describe the events leading up to the car accident.
Daniel had been heavily drinking after his ruby team qualified for the grand final in the local league. But Daniel was in a rage that night after his girlfriend had dumped him and decide to leave the party he was at with his friends and thats when the crash happened.

Chapter 6 - 12:
Describe the scene of the accident. Try in your description to capture the horror, fear and panic that must have existed at the scene.

What happened in the accident to Fin? Where did Fin’s treatment take place? What happened to fin in the accident was he suffered a spinal injury, Fin will probably never be able to walk again or move any part of his body. In legal terms what do the following words mean? Plea, bail, parole, probation, character references, sentencing, conviction, rehabilitation. A Plea is a formal statement by or on behalf of a defendant or prisoner saying weather they are guilt or innocence. Bail is a term used when someone is in jail and can be granted bail to leave jail for a short amount of time before there trail. Parole is another term used for if you have served 9 months of a 2 year sentence on good behavior they can be granted parole which means they can leave jail on account they will be good and for example have to check in to a police station once a week. Probation is were is you are sentenced to court and not found guilty you can be put on probation, witch mean being closely watched. Character reference mean weather people of the community think he is good or not person even you you have committed a crime. Sentencing is a punishment given to a person in court if they are found guilty of a crime that they have committed. Conviction is the declaration that someone is guilty of the crime they committed witch is decided by the judge. Rehabilitation means when you store someone back to full health by using methods of therapy after being in jail or andre the influence of drugs or alcohol. Soon after he enters prison Daniel has to enter the Crisis Centre and the Peer Support Program. Why is this? Daniel entered the Crisis Centre due to the fact he was not copping with the prison life at all. What is the difference between sadness and depression? (‘The Big D’) The difference is that depression causes the person to not function properly and offer last for a lot longer then sadness. Sadness is a symptom of depression but with depression you have more problems then just sadness. What are some of the things that Kylie and Tom do to assist them to cope with the upheaval and change in their lives? Tom starts up going for runs with Brendan his uncle to deal with the upheaval and change in their life and Kylie starts to help out with the cooking around the house.

Chapter 13 – 18:
Summarise each of these chapters in your own words. (Prose or point form. 50 word maximum per chapter)

Chapter 13:
In chapter 13 Tom and his Grandma have became close again while spending time with her when everyone else is looking after Fin...
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