A Competition Experience

Topics: Richard Dreyfuss, Running, Sadness Pages: 4 (770 words) Published: April 23, 2011
Have you ever felt depressed because of losing in a competition? I had

got this experience once. I remembered that the incident was happened in last

year. I had participated in the joint-school athletics competition. It was the largest

athletics event through out the year and I joined it since I entered the high school.

But this year was particular meaningful for me because it was my last

competition before I went to study overseas. Therefore, in order to strive my best

to do well, I practiced twice a week after school. The training process was tough

and always made me feel exhausted. However, I think my efforts would not in

vain because this could keep me in the best condition in the competition.

Finally, it came to the day. I woke up at six and the sky was dim. I was

glad to know that the weather was better than yesterday since the rain had

stopped. When I arrived to the sports ground, it was eight o’clock. At the

beginning, the sports ground was empty, but after an hour, people started to

come and it became crowded. Some were athletes while some were judges.

There was also a group of people specially came here to support their


I understood that everyone, including my teacher and classmates had

great expectations on me. So I knew that I must do my best and did not let them

to feel disappointed. But things didn’t go such smoothly. When the two hundred

meters competition started, I ran as fast as I could and I was in the first rank

when I reached the last sixty meters. I continued to run and I didn’t realize that

the floor was slippery because there was a pool of water. So all of a sudden, I fell

down and I saw the competitors ran in front of me. I knew that everyone was

looking at me, so I immediately stood up and finished the rest of the competition.

I burst out crying and couldn’t accept the fact that I was a loser. Although my

teacher and classmates...
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