Rising from the Ashes

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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5-28-12;12:36 pm

Today is a different day. I feel like a phoenix. After dying into ashes last night, I am a revived person,

born again for a purpose. I look at the clouds from the window of my room and wondered, asking God "Lord, how do I

begin my day? Where would You want me to step without making a mistake?" There I am again, afraid to fail but I must understand

that I am not a perfect person. I wanna break the standards I'm making for myself. I just wanna flow with the Holy Spirit

without frustrating myself to do things that I mustn't do for the day. Now, I truly understand that the problem is always

within me, wanting to prove something and then I forget that along with the missions that God is giving me, care is always the

core. I missed that point. Race, too frustrated to ran along with them not realizing that I'm carrying a lot of weight.

Now, I'm disqualified for this race and I have to go back to the starting line. But this time, I'll enjoy running through

the process and I'll make sure I'll get there but not frustrated, not bothered and I'll reach there wearing the identity

He gave since He created me. Although it seems embarrassing because I'm retaking a test over and over again but so what?

At least I'm not giving up. As I leave this room, Holy Spirit, I pray that You lead the way. Take away these annoying

personalities (hot-tempered, impulsive, frustrated). I just wanna be the one whom God redeemed.