A Closer Look at “Ufo Cover-Up: Alien Nation or Conspiracy Theory?”

Topics: Roswell UFO Incident, Extraterrestrial life, Unidentified flying object Pages: 6 (2255 words) Published: May 16, 2013
A Closer Look at “UFO Cover-Up: Alien Nation or Conspiracy Theory?”

Science is Extraordinary
Since I was a little boy I’ve been interested in the vast field of science. I love everything from DNA analysis to looking into the far galaxies. When introduced to the theory that we (as in humans) were not the only life-forms on this planet, I was instantly hooked. Watching shows on the discovery channel about alien mimicry blew my mind every time I saw them. By the transitive property, the universe is infinite, therefore the amounts of planets are infinite, and therefore the amounts of life-forms are infinite. The one thing I hated about the study of aliens was that there was never hard evidence, only fuzzy stories from “wack-job” farmers. So when I found an article containing information about the Roswell UFO incident and other stories, I instantly wanted to use this article as my analysis for class.

UFO Info
Many accounts of people seeing UFOs have been heard of. They have been heard from all kinds of different places from all over the world. The Roswell UFO Incident is a case in which an object crash landed on a ranch on July 2, 1947, approximately 75 miles northwest of Roswell, leaving a large field of debris. A rancher claimed to find pieces from an alien spacecraft near his property. Eventually the USAAF (United States Army Air Force) said that the crash was from an experimental weather balloon. Some people believe that this was an actual spacecraft; some believe that a Japanese spyplane crashed. The Roswell Incident was right around the time of a huge rate of growth of technology in the United States. Some people believe that aliens helped humans and shared their technology, which is why we had the technology boom. One person who believes these theories is a man named William Cooper. He tries to proof that aliens do exist in his article UFO Cover-Up: Alien Nation Or Conspiracy Theory?

Cooper’s First Encounter
Cooper grew up in a military family. He served for the United States Air Force and the United States Navy for quite a long time. Knowing this, one should know he traveled all over the world serving. He had always heard stories of UFOs from other servicemen but never believed them. Cooper saw his first UFO while on his submarine, the U.S.S. Tyroot, which at the time was on transit between Portland/Seattle area and Pearl Harbor. Cooper was effective in his claim that he saw a UFO. He used so much detail describing the saucer; it was the size of a Midway class carrier which tumbled on its axis about 2.5 nautical miles from his submarine. He even gave the exact name of his officer, Ensign Ball, who also saw the saucer again minutes later. He even makes a great claim stating that it was definitely not from this earth, because no man-made machine can fly in the air then seconds later effectively fly beneath the sea (William Cooper, UFO Cover-Up, abovetopsecret.com).

Cooper Finds More
Shortly after his first encounter on the submarine, Cooper was sent to Vietnam as a patrol boat captain. His job was to patrol the area around the DMZ. He then discovered that there were also reports of UFO activity in Vietnam, as well. He noticed that messages of attackers were reported as ‘enemy helicopters.’ He knew that the North Koreans did not have any helicopters; they used guerilla warfare tactics. They definitely did not have helicopters after the first U.S. air raids (abovetopsecret.com). Cooper’s claim was effective because he was an intelligent soldier describing soldier terminology. Any civilian would have not questioned a message of ‘enemy helicopters’ in Vietnam, but because Cooper was a soldier he knew the North Vietnamese did not have any. This shows a major flaw in the terminology used and shows that something was trying to be covered up. He even recalled that he knew for sure one entire village disappeared in one night (abovetopsecret.com). Cooper is absolutely sure that...
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