A Clockwork Orange - Short Essay

Topics: Film, Stanley Kubrick, Lighting Pages: 2 (338 words) Published: March 17, 2013
A Clockwork Orange
Ramon Moses
Globe University

A Clockwork Orange

A clockwork Orange is a very unique move that uses a lot of natural lighting throughout the movie. According to the book there are two sources of light, it can be natural or artificial. A Clockwork Orange uses a lot of natural lighting. While watching the making of the movie the audience may notice the use of reflector boards on some of the shots, even though natural lighting was used during the movie.

Because of the dark tone of the movie the audience may see why the director decided to use natural lighting during movie. The natural lighting set the tone of a grim, depressing, and violent background. Natural lighting is defined as daylight (Barsam, 2010, p219). This actually made the characters more devious and sinister, and it brought a lot of hopelessness to the movie. Reflector boards are a double-sided board that pivots in a U-Shape holder, and the sides are made up to reflect soft or hard lighting.

According to the book the quality of light on a character or situation is a very important element in helping a movie tell its story. The movie used a lot of low-key lighting in it, which is usually used in serious or tragic movies. They accomplished this with the use of natural lighting during the movie, which was provided by the sun or lamps. According to the book, low-key lighting does not use fill and the bright illumination and deep shadow is very high.

While watching this film I did find some scenes that provided backlighting, even though it was natural light. According to the book backlight is usually positioned behind and above the subject and the camera, and used to create highlights (p223).

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