Why Is the Inspector Calls Successful

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  • Published : January 15, 2013
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An Inspector calls - Why it is a successful play

Priestly was a successful play writer who wrote a number of successful plays including ‘An Inspector calls’ which has all the qualities I would expect from a good stage play. That are the following an interesting plot which carefully unravels and a good use of dramatic devices such as cliff hangers also the way these devices are used to get the audience more involved. I would examine the play for these qualities by checking to see if it has all the following(as the audience).And the historical factors of the story are also important because Priestly sent across political messages about that Pre-1914 era and to show the audience of the late 1940’s how much social classes have changed. This allowed him to put across important moral lessons which was successful in this play

The staging of the opening scene in the play is crucial as it immediately allows the audience to recognise the self-importance and superiority of the Birling family. The house is said to be large and suburban and have heavily comfortable furniture .Birling’s are celebrating a special occasion and are ‘pleased with themselves’. The scenery and costume within the opening scene displays obvious wealth, luxury and happiness within the family. The lighting is also important as it effects the mood of the play so when it is described to be pink rosy and intimate (before inspector arrives) to more bolder brighter (after he arrives). It affects the atmosphere making the audience get a sense that everything’s much clearer and brighter and more in the open. These parts to the play have been successful because it gave the audience an impression of the characters straight away and made them more interested in the play when the mood changes by the lighting.

The characterisation in the I think is believable because as the plot develops and the events of the evening unfold everyone seems to change. You see a unique distinction between the two young and...
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