A Cherished Treasure

Topics: Staple food, Poverty, Cereal Pages: 2 (639 words) Published: July 3, 2011
A cherished treasure
After the semester examinations, I decided to conduct a show and tell session for my students. It was to be on the following Tuesday so that they would have the weekend to prepare for it. My students were very excited when they heard about it and were chattering nonstop during the rest of my lesson. I was really looking forward to the show and tell session. The weekend came and I was doing my weekly grocery shopping when I ran into one of my students, Marianne. It was rather surprising to see her at the market as I heard that she came from a wealthy family, but the moment she saw me, she hastily grabbed her plastic bags and dashed off. I was bewildered. Tuesday soon came and I when I stepped into the classroom, everyone was sitting in their seats with eager expressions on their face. “ Who shall I pick to go first?” I asked. Immediately hands shot up into the air as they went “ Me! Me” and brandished their hands vigorously to catch my attention. It really pleased me to know that my class was so enthusiastic about it. In the end, I decided to let a boy named Alan to start the ball rolling. In his hands was a basket ball which he proudly described to have been signed by famous basket ball star Michal Jordan. He said that the ball was a gift from his father and he really cherished it a lot. Next, a girl who brought a stuff toy, said that she had been keeping it since young. It was indeed nice to hear my students talk about their sentimental items and I began enjoy hearing them describe about them. Finally, as I ticked the last student on my list, I realized that it was Marianne’s turn. As she quietly stood up from her seat and walked to the front, the class fell silent. “Hi…” She began nervously and she drew something out from her pocket. “ This is what I am going to introduce for show and tell,” she said. From the back all I could see in her hand was a tiny speck of yellow. “I have brought a grain of rice,” She said. “I know it may seem...
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