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  • Published : April 6, 2013
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There are several models of reflection which can be used but I decide to choose Gibb’s model (1988), because it is clearer and a common model used by the health professions. However, in this assignment I had to give three teaching sessions. In these sessions my development as a teacher in an academic context was analyzed. I am now critically evaluating the processes and application of the learning that I have experienced, drawing on relevant theories of education/teaching and learning. Moreover, it will also assist me to demonstrate what I have learned and how my new knowledge, skills and attitude will impact on me as a teacher in an academic context. The first teaching session was last month on the 4th of March, 2013. It was in a large formal lecture theater and there was an audience of about 36 pre-registration nursing students, including the module supervisor. I prepared the PowerPoint slides in a short time and found that very stressful. I also had to speak for one hour with a further 10 minutes for questions. The first thing I did was distributing the copy of the slides to the students. I started on time, but I felt nervous to begin because I read from the slides. And immediately I started without engaging the student regarding the main topic. Those made me feel even worse. After that the next few slides went well but I forget to tell the students the evidence regarding the topic. This happened twice more with me. My voice became less confident at the time when I remembered the evidence and I slowly plodded through the rest of the slides. I finally finished at the main time. There were about only three or four question, one of which I could not explain well. A few weeks later, I started the second teaching session which is on the 20th of March, 2013. It was in a small formal lecture theater and there were a few audiences from postgraduate nursing students, including module leader. I had enough time to prepare the PowerPoint slides. I had to speak one hour...
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