A Case for Defence

Topics: English-language films, Witness, Circumstantial evidence Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: December 17, 2012
A Case for the Defence
-Graham Greene
Revision Questions and Answers
1. What does his ‘wearing gloves’ suggest?

When Mrs. Salmon saw Adams, he was at the steps of Mrs. Parker’s house and he was wearing gloves and had a hammer in his hands. Wearing gloves suggests that he had committed the crime and did not want to leave any evidence in the form of finger prints behind, that might put him into trouble.

2. What is the role of the ‘hammer’ in the trial?

The hammer plays a vital role in the murder of Mrs. Parker as her skull was battered to pieces which was possible only if hit by a heavy tool like hammer. Mrs. Salmon saw a hammer in Adams hand who then threw it in the bushes.

3. Why is it later mentioned “his luck was badly out he might as well have committed s murder in broad daylight”?

Adams, the accused had been very unlucky that night because even though he had committed the act very successfully and had not left any circumstantial evidence behind but his luck was bad that day as four witnesses who had not only seen him but remembered his face very distinctly. All the four had seen him very clearly in the light of the moon and the street light. Adams like other criminals had chosen night time to commit the crime but the way he was exposed to these four witnesses was as if he had committed the crime in broad day light. 4. ‘ He gave a squeal like a rabbit’- what other references are there in the story compare Adams to the appearance of an animal?

In the story Adams is described as a heavy, stout man with bulging blood shot eyes. There is a repeated reference to his ‘brute’ like appearance. When Mrs. Adams saw him at night he was terrified and his eyes were filled with fear, as though he was an animal and was about to be whipped. In the court room also he was referred as a big ‘brute’ by the author. It is also mentioned that Adams stared at Mrs Adams with his ‘Pekinese eyes.’ Later in the end when one of the twins is over run by a...
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