A Book Review Regarding Company Tpm Use - Tpm: Case Studies

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The book title is entitled TPM: Case Studies, featuring the Factory Management journal that was written by Seiichi Nakajima and other members from the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance, then edited by Nikkan Kogyo Simbun for the book. The journal introduces TPM and its relationship to Just-in-Time manufacturing, discussing the six major losses in manufacturing soon after, with the addition of analyzing these losses through TPM techniques.

Since the journal is a collection of insights from Japanese companies, the book features them as well. Companies like Toyota, Togo Seisakusyo Corporation, NBC Corporation, Nishi Nihon Sugar Manufacturing Co., Ltd. share their TPM methods and what trappings they resolved.

The efforts of Esme McTighe for editing and production management, Michael Kelsey for translation and art/text integration, David Richardson for the illustrations, and a few others make this book possible


I.Use of TPM in the General Sense
Toyota’s very own ‘Father of Production System’, Mr. Taiichi Ohno, viewed that Just-in-Time (JIT) and TPM cannot be separated. His idea of both concepts being intertwined with each other is what Toyota Production System thrives from — resulting to a thorough elimination of waste by asking ‘why’ five times. With this ideology, the Toyota Production System gears toward having cross-trained employees, flow creation, and to avoid defects. Broken down, it consists of JIT and autonomation. JIT is uses the kanban, which is a reference in achieving the right parts at the right times, and at the right amounts (completely eliminating inventory), in conjunction with a full implementation of standard work: cycle time, order of work performance, and standard work-in-process. Autonomation is stopping the line when a problem occurs, thereby eliminating defects in the long run. It consists of visual controls like signal lights and operable rates, where maintenance is justified and setup change time is reduced.

His grasp of TPM leads him to promote Preventive Maintenance to be performed by all employees — from the top management to the line workers. This involves basic concepts of pursuing a more economic way of operating, cutting the six losses to zero; stopping problems before they happen; and establishing activities that is spread throughout all departments involving motivational controls. Togo Seisakusyo Corporation - a company that makes wire springs and thin plate springs fabricated from steel, resin springs, subassemblies for them. The first fuel crisis exposed the weaknesses of the company’s corporate structure, leading to a series of structural improvements. Later on when competition was stiff, the company tried to find a way to improve itself, and a survey conducted in 1983 revealed TPM to be the desirable program.

Its basic goal was to use the participation of all company employees in PM activities, thereby increasing the efficiency of all company personnel and equipment, expand the corporate base, and to nurture their foundation of overall capability. The company integrated the 5S program as a backdrop to the TPM activities it was trying to apply. The 5S formula was embedded in the workplace and equipments, positively influencing people along with their perception and behavior, which extends itself to maintenance, resulting in the gradual elimination of failure and brief stop causes.

NBC Corporation - a company that manufactures printed circuit boards for automotive use, found itself producing below target with occasional quality defects caused by equipment. Needing to maintain a level of quality and reliability to satisfy customers, the president launched a TPM program with a set of unified goals for all corporate divisions. It was aimed to receive 100% participation from all employees in an attempt to improve the corporate structure and efficiency.

Specifically, the desired outcome from this is to increase the levels of...
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