A Book Review: Human-Centered Productivity

Topics: Virtuous circle and vicious circle, Creativity, Management Pages: 4 (1100 words) Published: October 14, 2011

Choi Dong-Kyu, Chairman and CEO of Korea Productivity Center, penned a 207 page reference book entitled - Human-Centered Productivity. The non-fiction book, published in 2011, deals primarily with the several principle and relationship of “productivity” not just in an organization, but more so for all mankind as a way of life.

Chairman Choi’s professional experiences, involving – President of SME Research Institute, Commissioner of Presidential Committee on Balanced National Development, and Chairman, Asian Productivity Organization, among others, widely contributed to his exemplary writing skills. Because of his informative works, Chairman Choi has been a recipient of various awards, including the award - 1998 Paper of the Year (R&D Management).

Human-Centered Productivity is a two (2) part book which discusses on the evolution, connection and essence of productivity in an organization, more importantly - on its people. In the books’ prologue - the author clearly explained that “The concept of productivity encompasses the vision and wisdom of the human beings, which is that the benefits enjoyed by the current generations should be sustainable for future generations to enjoy.” To put it simply, productivity encompasses sustainability.

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The book contains three (3) chapters in part 1. While Chapter 1 deals with the evolution of productivity, chapters 2 and 3 deal with the essence of Human-Centered Productivity. On this part, the author considered the interrelationship of productivity to the organization and people. It is where the productivity cycle was presented as a virtuous cycle where input elements are converted into output through the organization, and the organizational output becomes another input for creating new output.

Furthermore, it is also in this part that the framework for Human-Centered Productivity was illustrated. As explained in the book, human-centered...
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