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Revised Syllabus and Course of Reading for Computer Studies (B.A/B.Sc. Examination) =============================================================== ==== PAPER-A (100 Marks) This paper will consist of Part-I and Part-II Part-I Part-II PAPER-B (100 Marks) This paper will consist of Part-I and Part-II Part-I Part-II 50 Marks 50 Marks 50 Marks 50 Marks

=============================================================== ====

Paper A (100 Marks)

Part-I: Introduction to Information Technology

(50 Marks)

Theory: 35 Marks

Practical: 15 Marks Theory: Overview of Computer Systems: uses, importance, future needs; Types of Computers: super, mainframe, mini, micro, desktop, notebook, personnel, and workstations. Processing of Data: data and information, text codes. Parts of Computer: CPU, control unit, arithmetic unit, memory, ROM, RAM, flash technology, flash memory, cache

memory, computer clock, control bus, data bus, address bus, co-processors, types of microprocessor, Interacting with Compute: input devices, e.g. keyboard, keys arrangement on keyboard, mouse trackballs, touch pads pens, touch screens, barcode readers, etc.; output devices: monitors, types of monitors, resolution, refresh rate, dot pitch etc. Printers: types of printers, plotters. Storage Devices: floppy disk, hard disk, CD, tape disk, magnetic and optical storage. Types of Software: system software, shareware, and application software. Operating Systems: operating system and user interface, running programs, managing files, managing hardware, utility programs. Network and Data Communication: uses of network. Types of Network: LAN, WAN, File Server, Client/Server, peer-to-peer. Network Topologies: bus, star and ring. Network Media and Hardware, Network Software, Data Communication over Telephone Lines: modem, ISDN, T1, T3, and ATM. Internet: How does Internet works, backbones, gateways, addressing schemes. Features of Internet: email, news, telnet, FTP, gopher, chat, World Wide Web, online services. Accessing the Internet Application: connection through LAN, connection through modem, connection through high-speed lines.

Recommended Books • “Introduction to Computers” by Peter Norton • “Discovering Computer 2003”, G.B. Shelly, T.J. Cashman and M.E. Vermatt • “Introduction to Computer Science”, Scham's Series


Windows 2000:

1. Exploring Windows 2000 work place: desktop component and customizing them, exploring parts of a window, menu and dialog boxes, multitasking, and shutting down windows. 2. Working with the Accessories: calculator, notepad, wordpad, paint program, media player, etc. . 3. Organizing files and folders using window explorer.

4. Using Windows System Tools, Working with Control Panel, Installing new software and hardware. 5. Using Internet; working with Internet explorer, surfing with Internet explorer, working with e-mail

Word 2000: 1. Exploring Word 2000 work place: document, menus, toll bars, dialog boxes, and other icons 2. Saving and opening documents, 3. Editing and formatting text. 4. Formatting and printing documents 5. Working with tables and graphics 6. Working with Mail Merge and hyper links. Excel 2000: 1. Exploring Excel 2000 work place: workbook, worksheet, menus, toll bars, dialog boxes, and other icons 2. Worksheet basic: entering data, editing worksheet, inserting & deleting cell, hiding data, copying data and auto fill. 3. Formatting and printing a worksheet. 4. Using functions in formulas. 5. Creating charts and adding graphics. ;

Front Page 2000:

1. Exploring Front Page environment. 2. Designing documents: working from Page View.

3. Developing the basic page: text, list, and hyperlinks, tables, frames. 4. Enhancing pages with graphics and multimedia 5. Publishing pages on the web.

Recommended Books:

1. "Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional: Comprehensive Course" by D. Busche and M. Bcrgerud(2001). 2. 'Teach Yourself Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional" by B- Underdah. 3....
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