Zip Car Case Study

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Borrowed Car, Inc: Zipcar Watch Out
Car Sharing & Opportunities for Growth
Zipcar, Inc. is an entrepreneurial venture started in 1999 and was incorporated in the year 2000 by founders Robin Chase and Antje Danielson. The Zipcar business model is a sophisticated form of car sharing that was innovative for the time. Yet, it is important to note that this form of company is not the first of its kind. This would be a potential business to model our business after. Our goal is to create a smart economical and eco friendly aversion to the owned vehicle. We will be modeling our business venture after the Zipcar business type. Yet, we do feel that Zipcar has missed out on an opportunity to merge eco friendly vehicles with smart prices in urban minority communities as well as most college campuses. Our business would be called: Borrowed Car, Inc. The idea behind car sharing is coordinating the use of vehicles by different people who subscribe the vehicle through the program. It is very similar to timeshares. People tend to pay an up front deposit, an annual fee and a per usage fee. Members are generally allowed to make reservations regularly or on occasion. This is a great trend to follow through on due to the fact that consumers are becoming ever more conscious of their carbon footprint. The “rented” vehicle keeps an additional car off the street thus lessening the pollution of our planet. It also allows college students or others who don’t own cars to essentially “borrow” a car for a few hours or the day. Program & Organizational Mission

Zipcar, Inc. is a car sharing business. They are an up and coming company that has quickly become a leader in its relatively new industry. There focus is providing customers of all ages; both business and family people a convenient way of transportation. Zipcar is currently located in 32 states in the U.S., Vancouver, Toronto, and London. There mission statement is to “enable simple and responsible urban living.” Our goal is...
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