Zimbabwe Tourism

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* NATIONAL ART GALLLERY-The National Gallery of Zimbabwe is in the southeast corner of Harare Gardens. It has a mix of contemporary Zimbabwean and African art including paintings (you can usually purchase paintings), stone sculptures, masks and carvings. The attached shop is excellent for sculptures, crafts and books on art. * NATIONAL MUSEUM-The small Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences has enough fossils and dioramas to keep most museum buffs happy for an hour or so. The highlights are the archaeological displays and the exhibits of traditional Shona crafts, arts and music. The museum is a 10-minute walk west of the city centre. * WILD IS LIFE-Wild is Life is a genuine wildlife orphanage and rehabilitation rescue centre. Guests are invited to visit the Sanctuary for truly memorable personal encounters with wildlife orphans. All proceeds from the guest visits are used for the running and maintenance of the Sanctuary.

* KUIMBA SHIRI- Is principally a rehab centre for birds, it also functions as an educational centre where people can come and get closer to birds like George which they will never otherwise see up close. Kuimba shiri takes orphaned sick and injured birds from around the country and releases them if possible. If they cannot be returned to the wild they are kept at kuimba shiri as “ambassadors for birds “helping to educate people on their importance to our country and eco-system. Visitors are allowed walk through two bustling aviaries where you will see weavers, starlings, sacred ibis, hamerkops, guinea fowls and the inquisitive.
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