Zia Ul Haq President

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General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq

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Zia Ul Haq:

After receiving his early schooling from Government High School Simla, he attended St. Stephen College, Delhi. He was ascribed in the British Army in 1943 and served during World War II. After the war, he was sure to join the armored corps. At the time of freedom Zia-ul-Haq opted to join the Pakistan Army. He got an occasion as a Major, to do a preparation course in the Commander and Staff College of United States of America in 1963-64. Zia acted as the Assistant Quarter Master of 101 Infantry Division, during the 1965 war, which was posted at the Kiran Sector. In Jordan he was caught up in training Jordan’s military from 1967 to 1970. He was chosen as Corps Commander of Multan in 1975. Martial Law was imposed for the third time in Pakistan by General Zia ul Haq.


Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, the then Prime Minister of Pakistan, allotted Zia ul Haq as Chief Of Army Staff on April 1st 1976. Bhutto wanted to sign up someone as the Chief of army stuff who wouldn’t provide evidence to be a menace and at the time the best obtainable selection was Zia ul Haq to him. Due to the gridlock between Bhutto and the leadership of Pakistan Alliance on the issue of general elections, the political anxiety reached to its height and Zia took benefit of this situation. He imposed Martial law in the country and carried out a bloodless revolution overthrowing Bhutto’s government on July 5th 1977.


Zia-ul-haq decided to seize National and Provincial Assembly elections in the next ninety days and to pass over power to the representatives of the nation, after presumptuous power as Chief Martial Law Administration. He was certain to instigate an accountability process of the politicians and announced deferent of the electoral plan in October 1977. In a testimonial, he said that he tainted his decision due to the brawny public demand for the inquiry of political leaders who had indulged in mismanagement in the past.

The Disqualification Tribunal was formulated and many previous Members of Parliament were barred from participating in politics at any level for the next seven years. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s Pakistan People’s Party government’s tricks were criticized on a white paper that was issued.

Zia ul Haq took the office of the President of Pakistan, after the sequestration of Fazal Illahi on September 16th 1978 and in the dearth of Parliament, he set up an unconventional system known as the Majlis-i-Shoora in 1980 whose member serene of intellects, scholars, ulema, journalists, economists and professionals who acted as Board of Advisors to the President.

The main dilemma with this system was that all the 284 associates were to be designated by the president and thus there was no room for dissention. But in the 80’s Zia decided to fulfill his promise by holding the elections. But before handing over the power to the municipal legislative body, he was certain to make safe his place. Referendum and the masses were specified the option to elect or refuse the General as the potential President of Pakistan. Referendum was phrased in a way that Zia-ul-Haq’s triumph was associated to the development of Islamization in the country. According to the bureaucrat product, more than 95 percent of the votes were shed in favor of...
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