Zheng He

Topics: Christopher Columbus, Ming Dynasty, Zheng He Pages: 2 (741 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Montavius Williams

Jan. 25, 2013

AMH 2010

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Columbus and Zheng He: A Comparative History

Zheng He. Zheng He was born in the year of 1371. He was born in a small village which he stayed with his family. The first 10 years of Zheng He’s life were spent in what is now China’s Hunan province. Everything was going good until one day a group of tribes men came and raded the village which Zheng He and his family resided in. This group of tribes men were known as “TheMing”. On this day, Zheng He witnessed his father getting executed by these men. This I know would be a very displeasing sight to view as a young child. That was not the only bad thing that happened on this day. Not only was his father executed by them. Zheng He had a change is his life on this day as well. The Ming also tortured Zheng He as well. Zheng He was striped for his testicles. Zheng He now became a “Eunuch”. A eunuch means that the testicles of a male were surgically removed. Time went by and Zheng He set his first voyage. Zheng He set sail on July 11, 1405. He lead an approximate number between 40-63 ships. With that amount of ships that must mean that there were a lot of travelers with Zheng He to travel along. Well it was plenty of travelers with him, a number of 27,000 people were recorded to travel on this voyage. Zheng He traveled with plenty of huge ships. The ships were so huge that people mention that it looked as if it was a floating city on the sea. Zheng He largest ships were supposedly five times the length of Columbus’ largest flagship. The ships had to take just about forever to prepare to set for sail. The ships looked as if they wore tons and tons. Each hull of Zheng He ships were divided into 13 water tight compartments to prevent the ships from sinking. The reason behind having 13 was because the ship still would sink even if one of the hulls broke while they were traveling. On this voyage, Zheng He did some remarkable things. Zheng He...
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