Zeitoun Rhetorical Essay

Topics: United States, Islam, Hurricane Katrina Pages: 4 (1447 words) Published: November 14, 2012
Cortnie Schierman
English 111
5 October 2012
Rough Draft: Rhetorical Analysis Essay
David Eggers, in Zeitoun, shows a story of a Muslim American family living through many challenges. After 9/11 Muslim families, like the Zeitouns, face many problems living in America. Eggers wants to inform other Americans on the situation of Muslim living in the United States, present day. People who are uneducated about the Muslim religion need to be informed on how similar lives are of other people all around the United States. These people throw out stereotypes and aim judgments wrongly at the Zeitoun family. Unjust treatment of the Zeitoun family is a cause of assuming and stereotypes. In this biography, Eggers helps inform his readers about Muslim Americans living in the United States and how they are treated by using the three rhetorical appeals; ethos, pathos, and logos. Eggers establishes ethos, the ethical appeal, throughout the book through his reputability, knowledge, and fairness. On the cover, the book of Zeitoun is the winner of the American book award giving his writing a positive reputation. This award shows that Eggers wrote a book worthy of an award. Also, in a New York Times book review, Timothy Egan states, “Fifty years from now, when people want to know what happened to this one-great city during a shameful episode of our history, they will be talking about a family named Zeitoun (qtd. in Eggers).” This book review by Mr. Egan gives Eggers positive feedback on his work. Along with this award and book review, Eggers has written many other fiction and non-fiction titles. The book is shown from either Kathy’s or Abdulrahman’s point of view; this shows that Egger’s interview were thorough and to the point giving him a lot of knowledge on the topic. The more points of view he gives, the better information is given in the end. He shows his fairness by not only donating proceeds of this book to the Zeitoun Foundation helping aid the rebuilding of New...
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