Zane Hager

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First what’s unusual about Shane is his dark leather clothing and how different various patches were sewn on the shirt he was wearing. He would give no other information about himself than his first name for example when Joe Starrett tells the “stranger” to stay and tells him his full name the stranger only offers his first name Shane. Also Shane realizes during the meal that they are questioning him and he redirects the conversation off of himself. Another note to make is that Shane avoids all questions about himself such as where he is traveling to, where he is from and any other thing about him. By Shane telling Joe the true price of the cultivator shows that Shane trusts Joe and Joe trusts Shane and to celebrate their newfound respect for each other they go and start chopping at the big stump in the yard. Shane chopping at the stump shows that he cares for the problems Joe has and that he will be good partners in the future and as they are chopping at the tree shows how they can work together because they respect each other. Marian is just a regular woman that is a great cook and house wife and enjoys participating in new fashions and styles going on in other towns and cities. At first Marian believes that Shane is a mysterious man that has something to hide and thinks he is dangerous but as she gets to know him she falls in love with him because of how charming and polite he is to her. The first so called incident fletcher causes is having his men beat the first farmer Joe Starrett had hired Morley and by beating him he left town cursing Joe . Next he sent one of his long time workers Chris and a new fellow he hired to do the same to Shane at the saloon but the new guy felt it was wrong and left, but Chris still tried to approach Shane and luckily Shane was able to walk away from the fight. Also fletcher’s men question Bob constantly about how their farm is doing before and after school. In the end Shane confronts Fletcher about him trying to...
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