Oscar Braynon

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Senator Oscar Braynon II
Oscar Braynon II is the current vice-Mayor in the City of Miami Gardens (Keeland, 2011). Braynon always believed that he was supposed to dedicate his career to serve the people. He inherited his traits from his family members who dedicated themselves to serving the community. The family taught Braynon about the significance of returning to the community at a premature age. Because of the values taught to Braynon by influential people in his family, such as Cora Braynon, his grandmother, who was the first Black woman in Broward County to become a nurse, this made him to run for public office. Braynon thanks his parents Patricia and Oscar for allowing him to visit different places. His parents took him to the local authorities meetings when he was young. Braynon graduated from Florida State University and later became a Kappa Alpha PSI Fraternity Incorporated member. Braynon knew that for him to be able to assist people in his area and his nation, he had to get actively involved in politics (The Florida Senate, 2011). When he was an intern as well as a worker of Kendrick Meek who was the then State Representative, he learnt more information about politics. Oscar Braynon believed in his dreams. He knew that with hard work and determination, he would be able to achieve his dream. He studied hard and was later admitted to Florida State University. He took his varsity education seriously therefore passing with excellence. After finishing his varsity education, Braynon met his wife Melissa Fung. Together they have one Child. Braynon is a believer of God. He is of the Episcopal religion. He knows that through God, people can achieve all their dreams. He chose the Democratic Party as his party of choice. It seems that he made a very good decision because he achieved all his dreams in this party through the support of his colleagues and people. Braynon says that his family, colleagues, and Miami-Dade people gave him the motivation to go on with his life ​According to Keeland (2011), Braynon achieved his dream in 2008 when he was 26 years. During that time, people elected him as Miami-Dade Country City Councilman by receiving 57% of the votes in this largely populated metropolitan. Braynon created history after he became the youngest man voted by people in Miami-Dade County. Another achievement in his career occurred when he was collectively selected to be Miami Gardens City vice Mayor. ​In Miami Gardens, people perceive Braynon as a committed and honest public servant. However, people recognized him as South Florida shining star because of his efforts of helping the most susceptible people in that area. He was an executive director of a campaign dubbed “Arrive with Five” for enlightening unregistered voters (Save Dade, 2012). He was also a Miami City Summer Youth Employment Counselor who offered pre-employment education to underprivileged youths. He also volunteered in Habitat for Humanity, United Way, 100 Black Men of America, Boys and Girls of America, and Special Olympics. Braynon had tasks of coordinating programs like the Christmas in April Home Restoration program, South Florida Food Recovery program, or Stop Hunger, and City of Miami Gardens Youth Basketball Tournament (The Florida Senate, 2011). He was also involved in a citywide accommodation fair started for initial purchasers that fostered pride and unity sense in his community and a workshop for assisting small businesses. Oscar Braynon‘s goals for his city that he sometimes referred to as home entails uniting people in his community and fostering economic growth. During his leisure time, Braynon enhances the people of Miami Garden lives. He is Pittman Law Group Governmental Consultant as well as responsible for the development and maintenance of clients in South Florida firms. Senate Oscar Braynon graduated from Florida State University. While he was a college student, he became an intern...
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