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  • Published: November 27, 2012
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[pic]Essay #5: Division/Classification
Write a 3-page essay classifying different types. The essay must focus on types of a specific object or person. The essay is not intended to be an inventory of descriptions, but rather a fun analysis that leads to an overall conclusion about what you discovered in the details of each type. Requirements

• 3 pages
• Introduction (creative hook/lead and use Adios “Encircling” to get into the body of the essay—a 2-paragraph introduction is acceptable) • Support Paragraphs (effective use of all: “Flow”, “Pause”, “Time Warping”, “Splitting the Second,” “Transitioning”) • Conclusion (use a creative conclusion combo of your choice) • Use transition words/expressions.

• Use varied sentence structure that demonstrates knowledge of correct punctuation. • Avoid 2nd person point of view (you), contractions, and repetition. • Avoid use of cliché expressions and overused words (i.e. things, nice, beautiful, however). • Limit use of to be verb to no more that 4 times in the essay. • Clear thesis statement

• Creative Title
Step One (5 points): Due October 26, 2012, by midnight via email ( Choose a topic and get approval from the instructor. Some examples of people include: people in an airplane, people in a waiting room, people at a specific party, types of parents, types of drivers, types of bosses, types of sneezers, types of snorers. Some examples of objects include: types of pizzas (stick to one particular kind like all types of pepperoni pizzas), types of other foods, types of couches, types of jeans, types of candy (chocolate bars, after dinner mints, etc…).You are not limited to these ideas; however, be prepared to think of another idea if the first one should not be approved. Therefore, check your email frequently for a response. When considering your topic, remember to choose something that will allow you to enjoy writing about it and will allow you to use all your stylistic tools effectively.

Step Two (10 points): Due November 1, 2012, by midnight via email ( Write a formal outline with your thesis and 3-4 main points. This must be a sentence outline, as we have already discussed in class. You will find an explanation about formal outlines on page 45 of The Brief Wadsworth Handbook. The example on page 46 of the handbook is a topic outline (not the kind you will be preparing). Follow basic outline conventions. Send your outline in the body of the email! Use the subject heading: “Essay #5 Outline”.

The outline should organize the ideas that you intend to discuss in your essay. No late outlines will be accepted for credit. I will, however, comment on late outlines. All students who email me their outlines will get general commentary for improving the outline in order to result in a better paper. You may need to revise the outline, so you will need to be checking your email periodically in order to make the necessary changes in time to write the paper. If you have changes to make on the outline and you do not implement them by November 3, 2012, you will receive 0 points for this assignment. Also, there will be a 1-point deduction for every time you need to revise, so get it done right the first time. You may only move on to writing the paper if I indicate so in my commentary. Follow the example below.

Thesis: Pepperoni pizza lovers should not be grouped as one happy bunch of Italian-pie devotees. I. Too-conventional-to-try-anything-else pepperoni pizza lovers are one type. A. Charlie has not really acquired a taste for pepperoni pizza in order to be considered an expert. B. This person just eats pepperoni pizza because it is a standard favorite. C. This person has never really made any earth-shattering decisions in his/her life, for he/she lives in fear of...
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