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Topics: Death Penalty, Crime, Saudi Arabia Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: March 9, 2013
I was wondering if lost your time of life, to not see anymore the people you love most, to not have reached your goals in life, to not have the chance of being forgiven by the people you affected, or at least a chance to pay for the mistakes you made, because you are going to die for have committed a “crime” that in most of the cases are not real crimes; is fair. And some of those cases were just by confusion, or maybe the person who did it was suffering a disturbance that prompted him or her to do it. The advocates of the death penalty says that it can deter crime, is a good tool for police and prosecutors, also improves the community by making sure that convicted criminals do not offend again. In my opinion I agree with that, however, just for murders and rapes; not for minor crimes as robberies, drug smuggling, carjacking, home invasion, etc. Also some countries, one example of them, Saudi Arabia, consider some issues in life as crimes that deserve the death sentence. Most of them are just abnormalities or psychological alterations; which in some of the cases you can born having them. That “issues” are: homosexuality, idolatry, fornication, prostitution, sexual misconduct, treason, sedition, pedophilia, blasphemy, adultery and apostasy. Giving my point of view you could learn or receive some help for those, better than lose your life being beheading. I am aware that each country has their laws and ways to do the things different than others, nevertheless taking away the life of the people who made a minor crime or suffered a psychological alteration, is not the solution or the way to punish for it. In summary if the goal of the government is to end with what they call a “crime”, it can create rehab centers for some of that people who need help because you will not solve those issues, with the result of the death of a person.
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