Youth Organisations in Germany

Topics: Nazi Germany, Nazism, Nazi Party Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: March 22, 2011
During Nazi Germany, 1933 to 1939, propaganda, terror and repression within Germany through Youth organisations had an extensive impact upon everyday German life. In response to the Wall Street Crash around 1929, began the Great depression triggering the rise of Nazi youth organisations of the right-wing parties such as the “Jungstahlhelm, Scharnhorst Jugend and many others” during the 1930s. Youth organisations imposed fear upon German life through propaganda containing various symbols of patriotism and moral enforcement such as “aristocrats who would never soil their hands to support the proletariat in its struggle” and “National Philistines”. Such propaganda was aimed at middle-class youth who were ignorant to Hitler’s regime as they were the most unaffected by The Great Depression; hence this demoralising factor contributed to changing attitudes of German life with increased patriotism leading to repression and terror seen in: “Those who attempted to resist the rising flood were easy prey for the fanatical, savage and one-sided Nazis. Some groups were attacked by the Hitler Youth in their camps, on excursions, or in their town centres”. Also, an emphasis was made by Hitler in his Triumph of the Will Speech at the youth rally where he states “We want to see no more class divisions!” Among the youth, a growing sense of “strong beliefs in anti-Semitism” and “competition… [between] youth to be more like their [Fuhrer – Hitler]” impacted greatly upon everyday German life where neighbours became enemies evident in “People moved apart, because they had different religion, but could be friends even when one had money and others did not, he [Hitler] brought together some and moved apart others”. Strong anti-Semitism ideals were reinforced upon youth at an early age through education hence increasing Hitler youth recruitment. Such education included Hitler Youth handbooks consisting of heavy propaganda related material such as “Genetic and Racial Hygiene” producing...
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