Youth Action Rich Picture

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Question A1

Rural youth centre
Local authorities
Marketing manager
Operations manager
Finance director
Chief executive
Trust board
Youth action centre

Car manufacturers



Fund the project



Dig-it project

30 young people in groups of 3- 4
10 volunteers
Project manager
Design and implement
IT experts

Project managers

Employment desk
Drop- in centre
Youth club
Support classes

Question A2
The rich picture above is the picture of the youth action environment; the youth action centre is located in good environment where the staff is able to get all the services they need. The youth action centre is managed by board members (trust board) who include the managers from various departments the managers include the chief executive, financial director, marketing manager and operations manager all of this staff work in different offices and they need a system where by all of them can be able to communicate without any interruptions. This is because youth action centre has a lot of activities to be performed on daily basis e.g. keeping the financial records, purchasing requirements in the organization, communicating with the managers who in the rural part of the world who are also the part of the youth action centre. The system also has to connect the local authorities because they are playing a big role of funding the project. The local authorities fund both the system and the dig-it project which is done by the youth Action organization by helping the elderly people in the society. The centre have 5 different projects which are funded differently by the organization i.e. youth club, =--responsible of funding the youth action centre to fun d the various projects in the organization. Each project is managed by one project manager who will be in charge of...
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