Topics: Human, Sociology, Thought Pages: 2 (449 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Dear Students, teachers and Parents, a very good Morning to you all. I am very much delighted to be invited as a Chief Guest for this function. I am grateful to the college committee, principle, college staff, students and everyone here for being honored me as a Chief Guest for this function and for their warm welcome. It is always a great pleasure to be able to address young minds. Today’s youth is our tomorrow – our country’s future.

To grow up as good citizens one needs values. It is in our hands, in the hands of our educational institutes , teachers and parents to instill those values in them which will help them to grow up as good human beings who will contribute to the society .

While there should be focus on excellence in academics, one should also not forget that education does not mean mathematics or physics or getting job and earning money alone. Education means intellectual, emotional, cultural and social development of a person. One cannot develop a uni-dimensional person who is good in crunching numbers but does not know how to be a good responsible person. It is the responsibility of our educational institutes, teachers and also parents to mould their children to grow up to be responsible citizens, who think about giving to the society, who love all people irrespective of their social status. It is important to note that the priceless resource of any country is its human resource. There is no other resource that matches the human being, because mankind is the foundation or the corner stone of any development and civilization. As scholars have stated, "time is not evaluated by what has been harvested, but what has been planted". The colleges and society at large have equal responsibility to provide the youth with suitable grounds and thereby bringing about a matured and responsible population for the coming generation to lead a better life Youth should move with great determination to achieve their goals. One should never give up their...
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