“Your Thoughts on Freshman Orientation and How Will It Help You Succeed in College?”

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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“Your thoughts on Freshman Orientation and how will it help you succeed in college?”

Freshman Orientation helps you to be successful in college by easing personal, social and emotional transitions and adjustments, to help students begin to define their educational purpose, and to provide a balanced introduction to opportunities and expectations; in other words to help make your change to college life as smooth as possible.

I have really benefited from freshmen orientation because when I finally decided to go back to college and further my education my fear was what if I need help and where do I go. I was afraid of the common horror stories I had heard about like, financial aid lost my information, or I registered for class but they cant find my schedule. But to my happy surprise freshmen orientation provided answers to all my questions. I knew just where to go if I need help. The orientation informed of the school history and their expectations for their students, the orientation also informed me of all the important departments and there location, the fun activities the school offered, and how to get involved in bettering the school. Freshmen orientation has allowed meeting new people easer because just like them this was a new experience for me too. In conclusion freshmen orientation can and does help you to become successful in college because in order to be successful in college you have to have the right information and know what to do and where to go and freshmen orientation does offer that.
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