Your Identity

Topics: Genealogical DNA test, DNA, Genealogy Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Elvin Roperto
Professor Gallers
English 101
February 16, 2012
You’re Identity

Back in the day, few wondered about their ancestors. The majority of people thought they knew all about their ancestor’s history. Who they we’re, their nationality, and their native language. But today in society many are shocked to find out that their ancestor history or past isn’t true at all because of DNA genealogy. If you thought that your ancestors we’re Puerto Rican and they actually turned out to be Mexican. Would you freak out? Would you have to change your ways? Would you change your traditions? A genealogical DNA test examines the nucleotides in specific locations on a person's DNA to find out where a person’s ancestor comes from. The test results are not meant to have any medical information and the test results do not determine genetic diseases or disorders. They are only intended to give genealogical information. To take a genealogical DNA test all you have to do is a painless cheek-scrapping at your home and mail the sample to a genetic genealogy laboratory for testing. There are a few types a test you can use, but the most popular tests are the Y chromosome test and the mitochondrial DNA test. These tests can determine where your ancestors originated from. I disagree, just because a test tells you where you came from doesn’t mean you have to change anything about yourself. Your Identity isn’t based on your family tree’s past. It’s based on everything we see, feel, hear, taste, smell, and read. Every person you meet, every conversation you have, every event in your life, and the way you interpret all sights, sounds, tastes, smells, actions, and events, shape up who you are as a human being. And nothing in the world should change that, not even your ancestor’s past. On the other hand, can you define yourself as a person without your nationality? How much of who is you are based on your nationality? Can your nationality be a part of your soul? A person's...
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