Eth 125 Cultural Diversity

Topics: Culture, United States, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 4 (1443 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Final Project

ETH 125 Cultural Diversity

Final Project

During this course I have learned about diversity, race, ethnicity, cultural differences, stereotyping and prejudice. Much of the textbook reading has enlightened me on the immense diversity in the United States and in the world at large. The decisions that I partook in during this course have allowed me to interact with many diverse people from various backgrounds which is much like the way the United States and society is in general work. I really never thought about diversity in the way that was taught in this course; people come from many backgrounds and have rich and full cultures who live right here in my own community. Now that I see these cultures in a different light due to this course I can enjoy them more and not feel like they are so different from me and when they are different I can embrace those differences.

In addition to learning about diversity in my community and the United States I also have learned some new interesting facts about my own race, ethnicity and cultural history. The first thing I learned was that three generations ago when my great-great-grandfather came to the United States from Norway he married a Karankawa Indian and they settled on the banks of the Brazos river in southern Texas. This is where the dark hair and dark skin comes from in my father’s side of the family. The land where they settled is still in my family today and is currently due to be handed down to myself and my sister when our father sees fit to do so. Another cultural activity that was passed down to me on my father’s side was bow fishing in the surf of the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. Fishing was the chief food source for my people and that skill and knowledge of the art of bow fishing was a welcomed addition to my family’s rich history and culture.

Another interesting area that I studied during this course was immigration and demographics in the United States population....
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