Young Sister Swimming Response

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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“Young sister going swimming” By M. Atwood is an extra-ordinary poem talking about the younger sister experiencing the lake that they came upon to. The lake symbolizes desolation meaning no one ever comes to it and is surrounded with the speciality of nature. The use of nature of this poem intertwines with the attitude and the atmosphere that apparent the feeling within the author and her younger sister. Nature also acts like a healing or a getaway resort for the both of them, expressing the outcome of “enjoying their free time”. Their attitude demolishes their social views and leave behind civilization. The atmosphere is a secluded, speech-free environment that tranquil their inner depth of freedom and peace, “Beside this lake, where there are no people”. The surroundings of the “trees, rocks, and the circling bays and hills” subdues the higher standards of loneliness and the intake of isolation. As the poem progresses, the author zooms into the sisters physical manner. “Against the boards, her feet make sad statements, she thinks no one can hear” says that she is thinking of something in particular. The use of syntax develops in the brackets as shown to shift the different information from the author to the younger sister. The author brings in paradox when she talks about the sister continuing “her short desolate parade to the end of the dock”. The dénouement clinches with the beginning of the sixth stanza when the author marks her page to go into the rippled water with her sister.
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