Self in 1958 vs. Mirror

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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I believe that the poem "Mirror" is all about identity, how the image of the mirror is a reflection of Plath herself, searching for herself and reflecting her inner turmoil. The first stanza gives human qualities to the mirror, making it a prime example of personification. The mirror "mediates" and "reflects." The mirror is used to personify how young people only look at the superficial qualities of themselves as well as others. With the shift in stanzas, the lake becomes a metaphor. As people age, they look more inwardly rather than superficially. Unlike a mirror, a lake has depth. People look into bodies of water when they are soul searching or reflecting inwardly. However, in the poem "Self in 1958" , The author is lost in this idea of being the perfect wife. She wants to be more than an object but most women in society then were all about pleasing their husbands All in all the author wants us to not just think about how we look and if other people care. Anne wants us to become loving of ourselves and to not care how the world looks upon us. Conforming will only lead to sadness and will cause you to loose your individuality. Do not let the world dictate your happiness, because in the end it's really ourselves that matter. In the poem the author, Anne Sexton is attempting to tell not just women but people in general, to value their individuality. This is done by the narrator question what is real and what is not. She is mortified that she has become such a "doll"
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