Young Parent

Topics: Childhood, The Child, Ageism Pages: 2 (764 words) Published: October 17, 2011
Crystal Waldby
September 19, 2011
Cause & Effect Essay
Most people may frown upon someone fresh out of high school having children. It seems like being a young parent today is becoming a little more common. Young people today may be noticing that people that are over thirty and having children, are having a more difficult time raising today’s new generation. The sacrifices a young parent makes are just earlier rather than delayed, there is actually less to sacrifice, and the smaller age gap helps in the bonding process. Many high school and young college students would never fathom having a child before they were finished with college. This is mainly, because they see a few of their friends without a social life. They are too busy changing diapers and being responsible. While the people without kids are going out to parties and bars, the young parents may be stuck home because they can’t afford a babysitter, so they stay in and watch television. What the young parents may fail to realize is that in fifteen years, when they are in their early thirties, their kids will be teenagers who can stay home alone. While friends’, who are now in their thirties, are just starting to have children, young parents lives may just start to be fun. Being eighteen years old, there is barely a life that has been carved out. There is no career started and no lifelong friendships that have been formed, so there really isn’t too much that is being given up besides a party here and there. Older parents are possibly giving up a life they have already been establishing since college. An adult in their early thirties has started a career. Many people at that age have worked extremely hard to get where they are in their career and in their life. Everything just might seem perfect in the life that has been so carefully carved out. Bringing children into the picture can turn that life of perfection upside down. A woman risks promotions in her career to have a...
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