You Attitude Positive Enforcement

Topics: The Mistake, Sales, The Order Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: November 14, 2010
Rewrite each sentence using you-attitude.
1. Company policy requires the warranty agreement to be submitted within two weeks of sale. 2. Your order will be delivered by the 12th.
3. 37 years in business have led to the best lawn mowers available to customers. 4. The goods you ordered February 3 are shipping today.
5. (From an application letter) I have seven years of successful experience selling office supplies. 6. (From an email to employees) Effective today, the Company will give a 20 percent discount on all purchases made by employees. 7. Kraff files are made in three widths—one for every standard size of record. 8. You are approved for membership.

9. Items desired should be checked on the enclosed order form. 10. Our long experience in the book business has enabled us to provide the best customer service possible. 11. Returns of merchandise cannot be accepted, In order to continue to sell at discount prices. 12. You are invited to buy from the enclosed catalog.

13. Tony’s Red Beans have a spicy taste.
14. A 2 percent discount is available with your made payment within 10 days. 15. I can grant your request for payment of travel expenses. 16. You can attend classes on company time when the course is related to your work assignment.

Rewrite each sentence using positive emphasis. Use your imagination to supply situation information when necessary. 1. The misunderstanding of our January 7 email caused the mistake. 2. Thank you for your patience, we will get the order to you as soon as our supply is replenished. 3. Policy prohibits refunds for merchandise bought at discount. 4. Negligence in this matter caused the damage to the equipment. 5. The plant is open to visitors Saturdays.

6. We are disappointed to learn from your July 7 email that you are having trouble with our Model 7 motor. 7. Tuff-Boy work clothing stays bright and consistent wash after wash. 8. Our Stone-skin material will...
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