Yorktown Technologies Case Study

Topics: Marketing, Retailing, Fish Pages: 4 (1207 words) Published: February 11, 2011
Case Recap

This case outlines the various regulatory obstacles faced by the CEO and co-founder of Yorktown Technologies, Alan Blake, when marketing the new GloFish genetically modified tropical zebra fish. GloFish are originally zebra fish that come from India and other surrounding countries and more than 200 million of these ornamental fish are sold in the United States. This case focuses on the struggles face by the founders of Yorktown Technologies, Blake and Crockette, to find a successful marketing strategy that would help the company reach its revenue goal. Blake and Crockett had a successful fundraising strategy and investors such as Dr. John Rosemary and Dr. Will Hughes, which allowed them to raise additional capital needed to fund its operations. Yorktown Technologies was able to obtain the rights from the National University of Singapore to market red fluorescent zebra fish and raised the capital to fund its business operation, however in February 2003 they were about to face their biggest challenge yet. Yorktown Technologies had to go against anti-biotechnology activist with an outstanding marketing plan, a public relations campaign, and an irrespective distribution decision in order to reach their goals.

Problem Identification
There are various issues that are discussed in this case. One of the biggest marketing problems faced by Yorktown Technologies is not being able to sell their GloFish in California which is an important market with a high population. A strong public relations campaign is needed when faced with an issue of what your producer think is right or wrong, in this case the company’s main concern is anti-biotechnology activist spreading misinformation concerning the safety of its fish. It is essential to increase awareness for your product and although Yorktown Technologies was able to do this through media, such as television, radio, ad magazines it is also as important to provide your consumer with the answers to...
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