Yo Yo Ho!

Topics: Performance, Singing, Opera Pages: 1 (401 words) Published: December 7, 2012
Concert Report

The performance from Ashton Smith was quite impressive to say the least. To be honest I was never interested in classical music; let alone people who sing it. Not once during the concert I thought to myself, “when is this going to end”. This concert was very informative as well. The class interaction with Ashton allowed us to pick her mind. I was absolutely clueless of the preparation that singers do in order to perform to the peak of their abilities. For example, when Ashton was talking about her facial expression and how they are crucial for the performance. At first I was hesitant to the idea, but as she further explained, it made complete sense. I have so much more respect for singers now. My old perspective of singers was that their voice is a gift and that’s it, but now I know they do so much more from dieting, exercising, and their little routines they have.

Now the songs she performed were amazing. Ashton’s voice is extraordinary and I felt she sung them perfectly. There was not one song I disliked, but there were a few I enjoyed quite a bit. If I had to choose my two favorite it will be “I dreamed a dream from Les Miserables” and “Una Donna quindici anni”. On una donna quindici anni, I really enjoyed the pace of the song from the singing to the beat. The upbeat was very appealing to my ears. I dreamed a dream was lyrically the best song of the concert. There was so much meaning behind the lyrics I felt like I could relate to it in some way. Even though it was a sad and somewhat depressing song, It was quite amazing. Also, I seen all of the emotion that Ashton was emitting while she was performing and it felt real. That right there makes the concert in my opinion. I know if a singer looks like their faking an emotion, it’s not nearly as enjoyable and frankly it shows through the singing. I found that the songs that were performed in English I enjoyed more than the ones that were not. I guess it’s because I could...
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