Yihong Road Sweeper Yhd22,Car Sweeper, Road Sweeping Machines, Road Sweeping Equipment

Topics: Attachment theory, Wheel, Wheelbase Pages: 2 (564 words) Published: May 2, 2013
This sweeper is a outdoor multifunctional special equipment that equipped with a full set of special attachments.

Raod sweeper YHD22:
This sweeper is a outdoor multifunctional special equipment that equipped with a full set of special attachments, outdoor work can be completed without interruption throughout the year, spring and autumn for cleaning and vacuuming, summer used to mow the lawn, pruning, winter can be used to sweepsnow, sprinkle salt,etc.At the front of the vehicle is equipped with a quick plugin, put on different attachments have different functions, domestic initiative and fill the gaps. This sweeper is an ergonomic designed outdoor multifunctional special equipment, large spacious cab, surrounded by wide vision, the entrance position low and wide, the wheel and seat areadjustable to accommodate different operators. Seat with suspension device, very comfortable. Joystick and all operating control accessories are placed in the best position to facilitate the operator to operate, and provide a safe and comfortable operating environment. Road sweeper YHD22 Features:

1.Imported engines or domestic engines for customers to select, the hydraulic system of the machine which are using the mostadvanced technology from abroad, advanced performance, flexible operation. The sweeper is equipped with a unique hand-held suction hose, to clean more complex jobs such as the green belt, turns, dead ends and the area which the front brushes could not reach. The main accessories such as pumps, motors, electrical parts are imported parts, reliable quality, superior performance and leading technology. 2.Attachments can be changed quickly and easily. The attachment system has a single lock and release lever – one click and the attachment is on. In less than a minute. Hoses and couplings are hidden (thus well-protected) and the hydraulics and water supply, power and vacuum hose connect automatically. 3.The YHD22 road sweeper is articulated, so it can keep close to...
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