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Your company manufactures and sells an electronic consumer durable product. This is a DOMESTIC ROBOT of (more or less) human appearance, which is designed to carry out a wide range of domestic chores. The machine looks like this:

The machine is made of light alloy and is equipped with sensory apparatus (a form of radar) to enable it to move around without bumping into things. It is programmable through a keyboard andthe hypercard storage systemm underneath the panel in the chest. Suchprogramss enable the machine to walk, move its hands and arms and perform other movement. It has recently been equipped with 'voice programming' (i.e., it responds to verbal commands) and given some simple speaking abilities. Various standard softwareprogramss for domestic chores are offered within the initial purchase price.

A recent estimate of quality costs showed that they were distributed as follows,

|Failure prevention cost |4% |
|Appraisal and inspection cost |44% |
|Internal in plant failure cost |22% |
|External field failure cost |30% |
|Total |100% |

Staff turnover has averaged 15% and has been fairly consistent over a period of time. Absenteeism has averaged 6% peaking in August and December but consistent over several years.

|Year |Output per Person |Capital Employed (per person) | |2016 |15.3 units/annum |£47,000 p.p | |2017 |10.1 units/annum |£32,000 p.p | |2018 |10.4 units /annum |£34,000 p.p | |2019 |9.7 units/annum |£31,000 p.p | |2020 |8.8 units/annum |£30,000 p.p |

After the initial spurt of investment the amount of capital employed in the factory has been flagging – expressed in terms of £ per employee. Productivity, expressed in terms of output per 'direct' (factory) employee has been as follows:


At the beginning of the exercise, the sequence for the production of the robots is as follows:

1. Robots are ordered from the factory by the Sales department. 2. Ultra lightweight Kevlar and alloy sheet steel is ordered from the local steel stockholders and components such as the radar vision system, audio recognition, electric motor and battery are ordered from component suppliers. 3. In the following week, the raw materials and components are delivered and inspected. All raw materials are supplied to certified quality standards and not more than 0.3% should exceed such standards. Nevertheless, a 5% random sample is taken by the Incoming Inspection department. 4. The sheet steel is cut on a guillotine. Any scrap is discarded. Special joints are precision machined. 5. The cut sheets are pressed into shapes (fronts, backs, arms, legs and heads) and drilled to facilitate assembly. The guillotines, presses, and other machinery are computer controlled. 6. The shaped cases are then cleaned, burnished and sprayed in the appropriate colour.


The cases proceed through a series of chemical treatments to prevent rust and to prime the surface. They are then normally blow dried using a hand held hose (although some operators assert that this is unnecessary)

Then, spraying is an automated process. Two coats are applied and after the first coat the casings are machine polished.

Hand finishing and polishing completes the process.

7. At this point, the cases are put into the 'work in progress' store from where they are drawn, as required, for final assembly. 8. Cases are drawn from 'WIP' store and placed on a semi-automated assembly line.


|Date |Rejects | |Date |Rejects | |21 Oct...
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