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Topics: Medicine, Infectious disease, Disease Pages: 2 (550 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Hong Kong Baptist University
GDSC 1027 Disease and Medicine
Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences
Visit Report

Name: CHENG Wanyao
Student ID:11050209
Date: 07/11/2012
Before visiting the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences, I was so exciting that I can’t wait to appreciate the amazing medical sciences here. What I actually expected was I have experienced the structure and functions of the human body and learn about some of the most common diseases and injuries, maybe through some temporary and traveling exhibitions of photographs, artifacts, and hands-on activities. When I finally get the chance to visit the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences, I think it was much greater than my expectation, I learned so much from this trip. The museum itself occupies 3 levels with themes of SARS (new), HK's contribution to medical science, Chinese medicine, and health in HK's early years. The Interesting area devoted to SARS and other epidemic outbreaks that HK has been experiencing since 2000-2011 But what makes the museum particularly fascinating is its unique comparison of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, and its funding of research into Chinese medicine. The exhibits comparing Chinese and Western approaches to medicine are unusual and instructive,. We also saw a lot of the exhibits in the museum, each exhibits were been designed very carefully, for example: surgical bed, dolichos bean bed, laboratories, water machine....among this, I was interested in the surgery bed in the basement most, this surgery bed and current operation bed just a little different, but very perfect, it can be imagined that designers of this bed are very considerate and careful. Therefore I want to have a further investigation next time, try to understanding other medical history and technology in the future days. What is more, I feel so terrible that when I realized that more than two thousand people had dead because of the plague and there was also there is no way to heal at...
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