Yehuda Amichai Poetry Reasearch

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Yehuda Amichai
Poets Project
12 College English – Period H


On May 3, 1924 in Wurzburg, Germany was born Yehuda Amichai, later known as Israel’s finest poet. At the age of twelve, Yehuda and his family migrated to Palestine to escape the persecution of the Nazis in 1936. He became interested in reading fluently in Hebrew. As a child/teenager he attended provincial schools, and then enrolled at Hebrew University of Jerusalem after fighting in the war. Yehuda studied the biblical texts and Hebrew literature.

Yehuda was involved in the militia of Israel since 1948. He served in the British army during the World War II; the memories and horrors of World War II influenced Yehuda’s poetry. In 1948, he also fought in the Arab-Israeli War as an Israeli defense for Jerusalem’s Independence. He was also involved with the Israeli army in the years of 1956 and 1973. After serving in the Sinai War and the Yorn Kippur War in 1973 he became an advocate of peace while working with Arab writers. (

Gradually after fighting in the Arab-Israeli War, Yehuda became a teacher in some of the provincial schools he attended. He also taught in secondary schools and held teacher seminars at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Yehuda also became a teacher in American Institutions such as: New York University, University of California-Berkeley, and Yale. In 1971, he was a visiting poet at University of California-Berkeley reading his first most popular poem “Shirim” that was written in 1962. He also taught international students at Chaim Greenberg College in Jerusalem.

Yehuda became intrigued with poetry when reading English Literature during his time serving in the war. He enjoyed the poems written by modern American poets Dylan Thomas, W.H. Auden, and T.S. Eliot. At the age of twenty-two, Yehuda began to write his poetry and then was heartbroken and claimed he did not start writing until the year of 1948. In 1955, Yehuda...
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