Year of Wonders-Quotes

Topics: Book of Jonah, Devil Pages: 4 (1085 words) Published: August 13, 2012
Apple-picking Time

"His hand is on the Bible, but he never opens it." p3
"A servant has no right to stay, once she's dismissed." p4
"even Puritans should recall that pagans, too, are children of God." p.5 "It has taken less than a year to begin to reclaim [Nature's] place." p11

Ring of Roses

"I thought God had sent him. Later, there were those who would say it had been the Devil." p23 "Different from all those men who look you over like beef at saleyard." p.23 "She was a decent girl.. but Puritan in her ways, thinking that laughter and fun are ungodly." p24. "looked to me for all his information of the tiny world for which he cared." p25 "when he entered our cottage, he brought the wide world with him." p26 "if you are drowning in a sewer, your first concern might be that you are drowning, not how vile you smell." p28 "the fragile beauty of a child.... all pale and pearly." p35 "sinewy mind, capable of violent enthusiasms and possessed of a driving energy to make and do." p35 "never let a minute pass without trying to better me." p36

"I was ready to take what she gave." p36
"I had never had a word of praise from my father's lips." p37 "as I loved to learn, she loved to teach." p37
"I found much enjoyment in the tending of fine things." p40
"so compelling....full of light and dark". p45

The Thunder of His Voice
"I think you like to go and ocme without a man's say-so." p54 "I admired her for listening to her own heart rather than having her life ruled by others' conventions." p55 "wealth and connection are no shield against Plague." p60

"If God saw fit to send this scourge, I believe it would be His will that one face it where one was, with courage and thus contain its evil. ' p61 "what needs add their small utterance to the thunder of His voice?" p63

"I thought that she could teach me much about how to manage alone as a woman in the world." p73

Sign of a Witch
"the Devil has been here this night....Fools! Ignorant Wretches!"...
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