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  • Published : January 22, 2013
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It is in my opinion that NSTP subjects in other schools are almost, or are the same as the NSTP class I am now taking in Mapua. However, I think that NSTP should not be held on Sundays because the Father created Sundays as "a day of rest". But I realize that Mapua is not a catholic institute, and neither is it christian, and so I cannot do anything about it. I have no idea which NSTP component I'm currently in, but I'm looking forward to knowing it. I prefer the LTS component, or the the Literacy Training Service because I love kids! And usually LTS focuses on public school children and how to better their education through programs made in LTS. I am concerned, however, about the passing grade in our NSTP which is 60%. I am used to knowing that the passing grade is 70% and I am really not sure how I'll do against the 60% passing mark. I guess it will just push me to strive more for above the passing grade. Upon further reading of the NSTP1 module, I have learned that I am in the CWTS, which is shorthand for Civic Welfare Training Service. There are four parts to this and I guess I am in NSTP01 which is like an introduction to CWTS. We are only allowed a maximum of two (2) absences, and I have no plans to be absent because this leads to a final grade of 5. One-third of the mission of CWTS is "to develop each student to possess a high level of social awareness." I am interested as to how my social awareness will be enhanced. Although I know the legal basis of NSTP, I want to know why such an idea was developed. I want to know the history behind the improvement of NSTP. am in awe of the students of military schools because in their institutions it is like they have higher levels of NSTP, since their institution's goal is to serve the country; but I'm not jealous of their being exempted from NSTP because I know their programs are more rigid. It's cool that the ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps) get to be close with guns and are able to familiarize themselves with...
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