Xg Breakfast Blaster 3-Year Marketing Plan

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XG 3-In-1 Breakfast Blaster
3-Year Marketing Plan
It has long been our goal at Company G Electrics to “enable our consumers to improve the quality and convenience of their lives by providing high-quality, innovative electronic solutions”. And now, with our new product line of small appliances we are able to accomplish our goal in many new and exciting areas. One such product, the XG 3-In-One Breakfast Blaster, will change the way Americans think about breakfast. How many times have you walked out the door thinking “I just don’t have time for breakfast”? You make excuses like “I’ll grab something on the way” or “I’ll eat later”. Well, you’re not the only on. In fact, only 34% of Americans take the time to eat breakfast (Kellogg Company, 2011). That number is even smaller among college students. Even though studies have shown that eating breakfast is tied to academic achievement (Rodriquez, 2011), most college students simply don’t have the time for breakfast, let along a healthy one. But what if there were a way to save time and get the nutrients needed to power-start your day? The XG 3-In-1 Breakfast Blaster is space, time and financially efficient. The unit is no bigger than a standard 15in laptop, and yet includes a toaster oven, frying pan and a 4-cup coffee maker with mesh re-usable filter. With just a few seconds preparation your entire breakfast can be ready to go when you are! This greatly increases the likelihood that the busy college student (or work force contributor) will actually get the nutrition they need to be alert and affective during their day. In addition, this can save the average McDonald’s or Starbucks customer a bundle by providing another way to pick up a bite without the high prices of a fast-food joint. The Breakfast Blaster is one easy way to make our customers happier and healthier in a way that is convenient for them. The XG Breakfast Blaster (Product Info)

The XG Breakfast Blaster is the very definition of early morning efficiency in the kitchen for the customer on the go. This compact, stainless steel kitchen gadget is only 15½ x 8 x 9½ inches, taking up no more space than setting your laptop on your kitchen counter might. The 3-In-1 feature means that each necessity needed for making your ideal breakfast is available. A 4-cup coffeemaker (650-watt) with a reusable mesh coffee filter and spout for non-drip pouring is accompanied by a toaster oven (800-watt) and a non-stick frying pan. Unlike other 3-In-1 models, our toaster oven has a removable rack and tray, a 35-minute timer, and includes a two cup muffin pan insert for those customers in the mood for something sweet. The removable crumb tray in the toaster oven helps to make clean up quick and easy. The stainless steel frame is durable and chic, and works well with the sleek black attachments on the rest of the appliance. The XG Breakfast Blaster is a great way to save time, money and space. It’s the perfect way to jump-start your day without the common inconveniences of the breakfast meal. Consumer Product Classification

According to the three-way classification system (Boone & Kurtz, 2010) the XG Breakfast Blaster falls more to the classification of a convenience product. However, our product does – in some areas – fall between the classifications of convenience and shopping products. As for the Consumer Factors affecting our product, we will first discuss the planning time behind the purchase. While it is possible that an individual would take a considerable amount of time while planning the purchase, it is much more likely that the purchase of a Breakfast Blaster will be quick or impulsive – a characteristic of convenience products. As for the purchase frequency, the purchase of our product will probably be less frequent than what is commonly associated with convenience products. But again, we see a strong tendency towards the convenience classification when considering that the convenience of the product location...
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