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The full name of XBRL is extensible Business Reporting Language. According to Wikipedia, “XBRL is an open standard which supports information modeling and expression of semantic meaning commonly required in business reporting.” The basis of XBRL is XML, which is used for creating custom markup languages. The standard and management of XBRL is developed and charged by XBRL international. This organization is a nonprofit international organization consisting of more than 300 members, who cover lots of industries, including CPA firm, bank, IT manufacturing, stock exchange and so on.

What are the functions of XBRL? Through research, it is not hard to find out that one function of XBRL is to give a definition and exchange information in financial aspect, such as financial statement. The XBRL mainly provide the management information for decision-maker. This language could be used widely in many aspects, especially in finance; it is very convenient for people to process information through XBRL in internet. Once technician inputs the information and data, those could be converted into document, PDF file, and HTML. Whenever people want to obtain this information, they can easily get by this reporting language. The second function of simple application profile of XBRL is XBRLS. It is 100% XBRL compliant. According to Wikipedia, “the goal of XBRLS is to maximize XBRL’s benefits, reduce costs of implementation, and maximize the functionality and effectiveness of XBRL.” This can reflect that XBRLS plays a very important role and creates more solution to meet the need and standard of most business users in different situations.

For XBRL, XBRL Modules are so vital parts. According to research, “XBRL international has issued and reissued a stability pledge in relation to the core XBRL 2.1 specification. In addition to the core 2.1 spec, work continues on the development of several new modules of XBRL that define new, compatible functionality.” There are four...
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