Wwe Analysis

Topics: World Wrestling Entertainment, CM Punk, WWE Raw Pages: 1 (371 words) Published: October 20, 2011
WWE Analysis
World Wrestling Entertainment, best known as the WWE, is an entertainment company dedicated to the production and marketing of live shows and original products. WWE has two different professional wrestling brands: Raw and Smackdown. Between them they have no great difference; the format is the same, the stories are just as complex to each character, and characters are exchanging between each of the marks. This has no other purpose to give a bit of dynamism to the show, and a bit of rivalry between the Raw and the Smackdown. WWE creates various characters for its program with very complex features, to then introduce them to the world of the fight with combinations of social satire, action, adventure, drama, mystery, athletics and much humor. With regard to the history of the characters, WWE has been characterized by creating a very long history of each of the characters, line since they begin to make popular until they reach retirement, making countless fights, rivalries between teammates, Championships, injuries, among other things that certainly make people continue struggles, and see them continuously, the story of the characters is linear. Program Raw on Monday was recorded for the first time in the city of Mexico, which created much commotion that in Mexico there are many followers of this programme and, of course Rey Misterio and recently Alberto del Rio, the two Mexican fighters of the brand. The show was like any other of the engravings in the U.S. without leaving any part of the show, and was a great show. What happened in history: was the first show directed by acting general manager John Laurinaitis, which suddenly started asking for apologies to Jim Ross. We saw several fights as Dolph Ziggler vs Mason Ryan, CM Punk vs. The Miz, but the best were the triple duel between Mark Henry, Cody Rhodes and Christian vs. John Morrison, Sheamus and Randy Orton, and the star match was between John Cena and Jim Ross, who defeated the champion of the...
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