Written Assignment for Industrial Technology

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1. The written assignment for Industrial Technology has continuously posed a level of difficulty for some students and teachers who are required to contend with the CSEC practical areas. In light of this challenge the following presentation has been created to give a better understanding of the procedure to follow.

2. In order to successfully complete written assignments candidates must firstly become aware of the requirements of this component. It is very important that each candidate is not only provided with these requirements (which include background and mark scheme) but also that teachers utilize a session or two to explain thoroughly the steps to be followed.

Guides presented to candidates should include the following:

1. Background to written assignment

2. Mark scheme

[Samples shown below]

The written assignment will take the form of a report of about 1000 – 1200 words based on the common modules. These are: Safety Health & Welfare
Introduction to Computer
Impact of Technology on Society
Candidates are to demonstrate their full understanding of the concepts relating to these modules. They should produce a report that uses word-processing technology. Candidates may also use other software packages (Spreadsheets or databases) to do any analysis that may be necessary to enhance the presentation of the report. The report should be a critical analysis of a particular institution, business or theme that has relation or relevance to the Unit(s) or Subject(s) being studied. It is suggested that one of two approaches be used. 1. Industrial visits

Preparation of a report on a visit to an industry or industrial site.

2. A report on a particular theme that is relevant to the Unit(s) or Subject(s) being studied, for example, – Transport – road, air, rail or water;
– Communication;
– Manufacturing;
– Service industry.
The report should include drawings, and photographs, wherever these are relevant, in addition to the written material. The report should address the areas listed below. – The jobs or careers involved in the particular institution or theme that relate to the Unit(s) or Subject(s) being studied. – The norms, regulations and codes of which employees in these areas must be aware and to which they must adhere, because of legal, financial, strategic or other considerations. – The impact of technology on the careers identified and the processes involved as they relate to the Unit(s) or Subject(s) being studied, for example, employment vs. unemployment, self-employment, security considerations, methods of processing and environmental considerations. – Ethical and moral considerations. A critical look at the environmental issues, employment practices and safety, health and welfare issues as they are addressed.

3. If the candidate is studying:
(i) One Unit or Subject only, the report should address the areas listed in point 2 above which are relevant to that Unit only. (ii) Two or more Units or Subjects, the report should address the areas listed in point 2 above which are relevant to ALL the Units being studied. INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY

Further Breakdown of Criteria for Mark Scheme for
Written Assignment and Marks Allocated
|CRITERIA |MARK |TOTAL MARK | |INTRODUCTION | | | |• Topic outlined briefly |1 |2 | |•...
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