Writing Letters Is the Best Form of Long Distance Communication

Topics: Communication, Mind, Thought Pages: 1 (361 words) Published: April 15, 2012
For the time being, exchanging information, feelings in a long distance is no longer a difficult experience thank to the development of technology. However, writing letters is still regarded as the best form for this communication for a couple of reasons. For a starter, although people often say that out of sight, out of mind, letters are the best way to solve this problem. Through a letter written by our own hands, the receiver may feel our strong love, imagine that we always stand by her/his side to overcome difficulties or share the happiness by holding closely to their heart. Moreover, not only are we able to see what is written, but we can also touch the letter, smell it and feel it instead of reading through a cold computer screen. A letter from our loved one from foreign shores will have the typical smell of that foreign land. It is like having a piece of the country our love is living in right in our hand. Additionally, letters are thoughtful and allow us to get out all of our thoughts and feelings without interruption. We have to spend a lot of time thinking of choosing the accurate words in order to express our emotions. As a result, the receiver will find it special that we take time to send an old-fashioned, handwritten but filled-with-love letter for them. Second of all, letters can be stored and archived for later viewing easily. Should we feel alone and need the love from our relatives and friends, the old letters kept in small box will lead us to the time and moment when we first read the letter and soon old memories will unfold right in front of our eyes, which is one of the little pleasures that makes life worth living or even feel warm in our heart. In conclusion, writing a letter is the simple, cozy joy of life that we have overlooked as technology and innovation have paved the way for forms of communication that are very cold. Therefore, so essential is writing letters that it still exists and plays a key role in our contact!
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