Writing and Vietnam Composition

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Analysis of home country assignment
Date November 14, 2011
Difference between the Vietnam essay and America essay
In Vietnam, everyone studies literature, and their teachers give them many topics namely discuss folk literature, poem, and written literature. In high school, I wrote the essay about discussing the folk literature that the topic was: “Explain the folk-song of Vietnam: failure is the mother of success.” From this essay, I will analyze it and show the difference between Vietnam essay and America essay. Vietnamese have the many kinds of the literature, which have the different way to discuss. Now I will analyze the folk literature to show the difference between the Vietnam assignment and the United States assignment. Firstly, when my Vietnamese teachers gave the topic for me, they wanted me to know about the value of humanism, and contributing to the formation of a human sense. Follow Vietnamese people, the value of humanism is the good words with great ideas in the life, and it makes people beautiful about thought and perception. Based on the value of humanism, I can find how to be a good person? How I can live well with the good behavior? Moreover, I can develop about a human sense, which is the feeling, the knowledge, and the will of people. The topic was involved in the lecture of ancestor, thanks to that this would develop my knowledge, and my will to make my life better. This is the reason why my Vietnamese teachers gave this topic. When I wrote this essay, my teacher said, “You just give the one site of failure, and you need to write more about what you learn from this sentence.” I just give the value of failure in the one aspect, I do not mention it in general, so I cannot analyze about the direct idea, and the deeply idea in the topic, likewise the story about the burning of Moth. (Dillard, 2010, Holy the Firm, pp.2-5) In the story Holy the Firm, I can see the two values of this story, which are the death of the moth and the inspiration for...
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