World War Z Essay

Topics: President of the United States, The Zombie Survival Guide, United States Pages: 3 (981 words) Published: February 13, 2013
“In pre-war times, this outpost was considered the most remote on Earth. Situated near the planets southern geomagnetic pole, atop the four-kilometer ice crust of Lake Vostok, temperatures here have been recorded at a world record negative eighty-nine degrees Celsius, with highs rarely reaching above negative twenty two. This extreme cold, and the fact that overland transport takes over a month to reach the station were what made Vostok so attractive to Breckinridge “Breck” Scott.”(Brooks 55). There are numerous events in my life that I would not change that lead me to this remote region of the world. Although I cannot admit that I got my self where I am today alone. As a pharmaceutical executive I found the outbreak of “African Rabies” as a great opportunity. “I’ll never forget that first report, the Cape Town outbreak, only ten minutes of actual reporting then a full hour of speculating about what would happen if the virus ever made it to America. God bless the news” (Brooks 56). I immediately became ecstatic calling all my close family and friend who had also just seen the report. It was obvious after watching TV and speaking with people that people wanted an anti-zombie vaccine, although no one wanted to believe that such a creature could exist. Not long after I became the first person to create a real vaccine for rabies. My decision on the name for this vaccine was phalanx. The vaccine was named after the powerful defense formation of the ancient Greeks. The drug was marketed as a rabies vaccine, although immediately everyone assumed that it was the best way to prevent against the “African rabies”. My creation of the vaccine was very intelligent decision for a couple reasons. This vaccine was so beneficial because of the excessive demand for it. Considering people in these stages of fear would purchase anything for a chance to be safe rather than become a zombie. The number of people around the world that were confident in the Phalanx vaccine for...
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