World Vision

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World Vision

April 13, 2012

Ajay Athwal
Peter Pham
Ghazala Khalil
Ahmet Er
Namulinda Lester
There are over 161 000 non-profit organizations in Canada. Non-profit organizations work to achieve goals for the benefit of humanity rather than for profit like a business. Obviously with so many organizations, there are various types of organizations that vary in size and scope, with unique ambitions and some overlap in goals. World Vision is an organization that operates internationally with many chapters around the world. World Vision works globally for relief of underprivileged people and the development of disadvantaged societies. This paper will give background on World Vision to understand how it began and how it has become what it is today. World Vision is an evangelical organization meaning it is faith-based. This plays a major role in how it operates in every aspect. This paper will analyze faith-based organizations and the impact of being an evangelical non-profit organization. The paper will introduce the structure of World Vision and outline how it runs, and detail the various programs World Vision has and implements throughout the world. The paper will then go on to discuss a major issue for organizations like World Vision. Many large non-profit organizations sometimes have to work with other parties in order to achieve certain goals. These partnerships can raise certain issues, especially ethical concerns. The paper will discuss one specific example of World Vision working with mining companies and the impact and consequences of such an alliance. All in all, the purpose of this paper is to give insight on how one of the world’s biggest faith-based, non-profit organizations came to be, how they run and give insight into how deep and layered their operation is, and to give an example of how in the non-profit world, even the largest, most successful and renown non-profit organizations face challenges and must deal with contentious issues in trying to achieve their goals. The history and origin of World Vision goes back over 50 years ago. The first form of World Vision came through the actions of Reverend Robert Pierce in 1947. Pierce was on a trip to China where he encountered a woman and a clearly, underprivileged child. The condition the infant was in had a great effect on Robert Pierce. As he held the small abandoned child, he was so moved he felt a personal responsibility to assist the child. He realized that the child needed help and that there were no real means for survival so he decided to give all the money he had at the time, 5 dollars, and promised to continue to send funds for relief of children once he returned to America (World Vision India, n.d.). Thus, through this simple act of altruism was born the framework of World Vision. Pierce’s act was an early form of child sponsorship and created one of the first child sponsorship programs which spearheaded the creation of World Vision. The first major enterprise of World Vision was in response to children in need resulting from the Korean War in the early 1950s (World Vision, n.d.). This was the first vessel for World Vision to serve its purpose in assisting disadvantaged children as an organization on a large scale. After seeing the success of its program in Korea, World Vision began to operate its program in various other areas in the world that were experiencing turmoil such as Africa and Eastern Europe (World Vision, n.d.). The biggest driving factor in the creation of World Vision was the social concern of the general well-being of children around the world. Pierce had an in-depth look into what underprivileged children experience, and responded to what he believed was a major social issue in inadequate living standards for children. World Vision took this focus and expanded it into becoming an organization that strives to...
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