Biblical Qualifications for Church Leadership

Topics: Leadership, New Testament, Christian terms Pages: 18 (5465 words) Published: August 12, 2010
Liberty Theological Seminary

Biblical Qualifications for Local Church Leadership

A Research Paper

Submitted to Dr. Hester

In Partial Fulfillment

Of the Requirements for the Course

Systematic Theology II

THEO 530


Craig R. Jackson

5 July 2010

Table of Contents

Table of Contents2

Executive summary3


2.0New Testament leaders5

3.0Address to Titus6

4.0Qualifications for Local Church Leaders7


(a)Family of the Leader or Elder7

(b)Not overbearing9





(a)Loving what is good12







Works Cited18

Executive summary

Many churches are coming up in this era and each of the churches may have a different motive. Churches that are not formed for the sake of the kingdom are not churches of God and will never remain intact. Qualifications for church leadership according to the bible are clearly laid down in the book of Titus and Timothy among other bible books. The New Testament church had leaders who were referred to as deacons, elders and overseers. These titles were given to the leaders according to the tasks that they were supposed to undertake. There are several qualities that the New Testament church used to appoint the local church leaders. Paul addressed Titus on how he was to appoint leaders in every single town. Instructions were given on the qualities to put into consideration for the sake of the church as well as Christ. The qualifications laid down are broadly divided into two namely blamelessness and hospitality. Blameless characteristic is further subdivided into not quick tempered, husband of one wife, among others. On the other hand, the quality of hospitality has components such as loving to do good, discipline, holiness and upright besides other qualities. Local church leaders are supposed to protect the flock, guide, feed and give them the required direction. When Paul outlined the qualifications for appointment of local church leaders, he did not include any academic qualifications such as degree in law, medicine or any other academic qualification. All the qualifications were based on the characteristics of an individual and not on popularity, political background or high position held in any other office. There are churches that do not follow the biblical guidelines for appointment of church leaders. Therefore, the appointed leaders based on a different criterion independent of the bible are not qualified at all. God is unchangeable and his counsel stands forever. Hence, it is of vital importance to follow the guidelines laid down in the bible for true worship and reverence to God.


Christ is the overall governor of his people because he is both the head and the ruler of his word[1]. According to the bible, there are those people or spiritual leaders who are to be respected, honored and obeyed. These are the spokesmen of God on earth (Ephesians 3:5). There are several churches that are coming up in this era. Some of the churches impact on the community in ways that give glory to God while others are just a menace. Most of the churches that come up for worldly purposes do not usually stay for a long time. They are put up today and destroyed the next day. This is accompanied by a number of reasons the primary of which is the issue of leadership. The role of church leaders has been outlined clearly in the bible, the book of Titus and Timothy other books. There are qualifications according to the bible for those who are supposed to serve his flock. However, the current world is moving with technology such that most of those attending church services do it for entertainment purposes. Local church leaders can influence those who are not serious in...
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