World Population Day

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Celebration of World Population Day at IIPS The World Population Day was celebrated at the International Institute for Population Sciences Mumbai on 11th July 2012. A debate on ‘Abortion: Pro-life vs. Pro-choice’ was organized in the institute premises to celebrate the World Population Day. Mr. Rajan Kumar Gupt (PhD student), Ms. Garima Dutta (PhD student), Mr. Castor Valbum Badstue (short-term course participant), Ms. Shraboni Patra (PhD student), Mr. Mayank Prakash (PhD student), and Ms. Kshipra Jain (PhD student) participated in the debate. The faculty members, staff, and students of the institute attended the debate. The trainees from Nordic countries and distance learners also got an opportunity to attend the debate. Moreover, the faculty members of the Institute visited a number of colleges in Mumbai to deliver special lectures on ‘Population, Health and Development’ related issues during July 02-11, 2012. An essay writing competition was also organized for the students from various colleges of Mumbai on 9th July 2012. The essay writing competition was divided into two categories. The first category included undergraduate students from different colleges of Mumbai. The second category included M.Phil./PhD students from IIPS. 10 students from undergraduate category and 8 students from M.Phil./PhD category participated in the competition. The undergraduate students were asked to write an essay on ‘Population of India: Asset or Burden?’ M.Phil./PhD students were asked to write an essay on ‘Urban Housing in India’. The Institute felicitated two students from the undergraduate category and one student from the M.Phil/PhD category for their overall performance in the essay competition. All other students who participated in the essay competition and debate were felicitated with a certificate of participation. The colleges of the winning students were also given IIPS memento on this occasion to acknowledge their contribution in making the celebration of World...
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