Multicultural Day

Topics: Performing arts, Jujutsu, Aikido Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Multicultural Day
Multicultural day was very interesting and I was able to experience and learn about several different cultures. I saw a performance and speech about ancient Japanese martial arts also called kobudo. I also stopped to listen to three musical performances. I stopped in one classroom to hear about the Syrian crisis, which was extremely interesting and I’m very glad to have learned about it. The whole experience was very intriguing and very educational. When I first arrived I was sort of just walking around checking out the booths and listening to music when my friends and I ran into the Japanese martial art presentation. It was very interesting, they would talk a little about the history of a style of martial art, such as the year it was founded, the purpose of it, and who created it. After that they would perform a choreographed example of the style of martial art they had explained. I found their presentations very cool and it was fascinating how much I learned about kobudo.

After the kobudo performances we made our way back to the quad, sat down, and listened to the band that was playing. We all liked the music so we decided to stay and listen for a while; we found out that the music the band was playing was African. We headed to the cafeteria and heard more music so we figured we would check it out. The people were playing Middle Eastern music, which sounded very different but it was very good.

The most eye-opening and educational thing I learned about during multicultural day was the Syrian crisis, which is what I went to next. I had no idea this crisis was even occurring and it had started in March of 2011 when citizens were protesting for political prisoners to be released. The government responded by arresting and beating the citizens which led to shootings of innocents and eventually the military was bringing tanks into the ordeal. Citizens were taken and tortured and even just executed on the spot; the death toll was...
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